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CHARACTER PRESET: Earth (balanced)

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CHARACTER PRESET: Earth (balanced)

Post  Tala on Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:25 pm

This is a character preset which could be suitable for combat in a RP setting on earth.
Men are slightly tougher, but the parameters are balanced so that women have a better stamina regeneration

Copy and paste the code below. Delete all lines starting with // for faster parsing


//CHARACTER PRESET: Earth (balanced)
//Characterisation: slightly tougher men, balanced

      // Let's use the template for males and modify it a bit:
      // This determines the sensitivity for untrained males.
      // If you switch off defence experience, all males will operate at this sensitivity:
      // If you do use defence experience, a very experienced male can achieve
      //the following lower sensitiviy. If you don't, this line will be ignored:
      // Regeneration time is:

      // women are more sensitive to attacks ...
      // ... and can be as tough as men:
      // health builds up slower, stamina faster


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