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How to set up your dispensers

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How to set up your dispensers

Post  Tala on Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:32 pm

Your dispenser package contains:
1 or more MetaLife dispensers
1 MetaLife observer title
1 MetaLife Checkpoint
1 MetaLife Optional Region Server
1 MetaLife Landicap (for new sims only)

The dispensers in the package only differ in design. Choose any which you want, possibly more designs will be added in the future.

The package contains a MetaLife Checkpoint, which is a wall that can only be passed if you wear the ML meter OR the ML observer tag. It is copyable and modifyable, so you can change it to fit to the style of your sim.

The ML Observer title will allow observers to walk through the meter checkpoint. You can individualize it like described below.

  1. Rename the observer title in a meaningful way, so that people see that it is associated to your city
  2. Change the object desciption of the title. Whatever you write there will appear as floating text over the person. You can include line-breaks by "\n" for multi-line titles. Example:

    Observer of\nmy city

    If you don't do this, the word "Observer" will appear over their heads

For instructions how to set up the region server, please refer to this page


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