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proposal for health

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proposal for health

Post  Sarka on Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:10 am

I have started to design a more integrated health healing system for ML here are my basic ideas:

ML Health system:

aiding and recovery from unconsciousness:

returns only to "injured" status, but does so immediately.

Injured status will endure for 24 hours unless healed by a healer, if further unconsciousneses occur before recovery takes place each one requires 24 hours recovery time and these periods are accumulative. Each one requiring a healer's intervention to foreshorten it, each one incurring a dp penalty if not cured by a healer.

Returning to full health without a healer's assistance incurs a DP penalty, perhaps 10%

Every 3 unconsciousnesses will also incur a DP penalty to simulate a loss of strength.


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