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MetaLife Feature List, version 1.14

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MetaLife Feature List, version 1.14

Post  Tala on Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:42 pm

This is an overview over the most prominent features of MetaLife, version 1.14:

  • Realistic damages, depending on weapon handling:
    • the closer the impact to the body, the higher the damage
    • certain body parts are more or less sensitive
    • frontal hits cause more damage
    • you must aim more accurately if further away, also for melee weapons
  • no overpowered weapons (all weapons legal)
    • weapon speeds are normalized in a way that makes the use of all weapons legal and fair (i.e. you won't win only because your weapon uses high damage attacks)
    • this does not mean that all weapons are equal! Actually MetaLife allows even very strong and very weak weapons!
    • various legality checks are performed, too fast attacks (also of multiple weapons) discarded. Multiple wielding is without effect

  • new sims can create own roles with custom floating tokens and soundsets
  • new sims can adjust toughness, health and stamina regeneration speed for each role
  • shielding supported
  • armor and helmets supported
  • blocking with weapons or other tools supported
  • weapon protocol allows mixed cut/thrust attacks, also dynamical
  • safezone based weapons and protocol extensions supported by many other meters are supported
  • traditional and dynamic channel supported (and NO this does NOT cause lag!)
  • different physical constitutions (gender, race) supported
  • defense experience can be built up
  • very low lag
  • physics-lag optimized, especially suitable for openspace sims (void sims)
  • low impact floating text and health/stamina indicator
  • innovative downing and aiding procedure
  • health and stamina, affected by gender/race, armory, movements
  • stamina loss may force interruption of fighting
  • illness RP
  • coma and death, active killing (no forced death possible)
  • binding and leashing
  • 'look-at' feature
  • various soundsets with preview feature and volume control
  • arena mode, afk/ooc mode and ooc chatter
  • auto-updates
  • checkpoint in order to enforce wearing the meter
  • low impact floating titles - for those who don't want to wear a book floating over their heads
  • optional arrow range restrictions (via region server)
  • optional over/under-weighting of melee/ranged damages
  • optional gender (in)equality settings (via region server)
  • optional arrow splash restrictions (via region server)
  • landicaps: terrain that inhibits movement, slows you down (for swamps, deserts etc; availabe as add-on)
  • contains free high-quality weapons
  • free and non-commercial

Some major technicalities that have been introduced newly by MetaLife and are not implemented in other meters:

  • custom roles
  • very effective legality checks
  • arrow range limitations
  • free damage and range variables
  • core regions for melee attacks
  • combat fairness by correlating damage/delay, range/angle etc, similar for armor/stamina, helmet/screen size
  • support for cross-development: other protocols implemented as subsets, meaning even your old freebie bows will work and will be legal
  • Landicaps
  • active aiding, no artificial timeouts
  • stamina transfers
  • dynamic damages
  • health/stamina damages for more weapon variety, bringing tactics into SL fighting
  • optimizations against physics lag, especially on openspace sims
    ... much more ...


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